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Takumi Fukuda

Game Development Dept. Assistant Producer
I have been involved in title operations and launching new games as a planner and scenario director at GREE, Inc. and MIXI, Inc. In 2023, I joined Shueisha Games as an assistant producer, where I handle assistant duties and also engage in new project planning and production tasks.
Please tell us about your job at Shueisha Games.
Currently, I am engaged in game development as an Assistant Producer, working alongside the Producer and simultaneously preparing myself to assume the role of a Producer. Naturally, I find myself more enthusiastic about tasks that serve as stepping stones towards the future. However, I also approach each responsibility of an Assistant Producer with utmost importance. As an Assistant Producer, I prioritize staying ahead and ensuring that I hand over tasks to the Producer only when they are in a state where final decisions can be made. I make it a point to complete all tasks within my capacity before providing updates, notifications, or seeking consultations.
What kind of company is Shueisha Games?
When it comes to developing major games, the involvement of numerous individuals naturally limits the scope for individual contributions. However, what I find appealing about Shueisha Games is the ability to truly oversee the entire process. I am delighted that my relationship with game creators extends beyond a mere client-supplier dynamic, as I am considered an integral member of the team myself. With the goal of creating an exceptional product, we engage in daily discussions as a collective, striving to achieve the best possible outcome. Furthermore, although I initially joined the company as an Assistant Producer, I have been provided with opportunities to establish a foundation and design a career path that allows me to grow into a Producer within approximately three months of joining. This demonstrates the breadth of vision and opportunities offered by the company.
What kind of members would you like to work together with?
First and foremost, it is crucial to have a deep passion for gaming. Additionally, while it may sound somewhat abstract, a strong drive and enthusiasm for game development are essential. Skills can be developed after joining the company, but a genuine passion is something we hope to see from the start. Furthermore, individuals who can articulate their thoughts or actively strive to express themselves through language are highly valued. Those who constantly ponder why certain games and other forms of entertainment are interesting or popular, as well as why some fall short, and seek their own answers, possess a significant advantage in game development.
Do you have any future goals or accomplishments you would like to achieve?
Ultimately, my goal is to become a Producer of globally successful games. To achieve that, I first aim to build a flagship game, something that represents who I am and what I stand for. In order to accomplish these goals, I intend to accumulate valuable experience as an Assistant Producer, seize every opportunity that comes my way, and strive for career advancement towards the role of a Producer.
Can you please give us one final comment?
Currently, I believe there are many individuals in the game development industry who are unable to pursue what they truly desire. Personally, I have experienced the frustration of limited opportunities for personal involvement and witnessed others with similar concerns and questions. While the future remains uncertain, Shueisha Games is currently in a phase of opportunity. I genuinely believe that this is a great time to address these concerns and questions and find resolutions. For those who wish to propose exciting ideas, those who aspire to be involved in game development from the early stages, and those who seek autonomy in their work, I believe this is an excellent environment. I strongly encourage you to take the leap and join us!

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