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John Davis

Marketing Dept. Global PR Manager
I came to Japan in 2003 and worked as a freelance writer, writing game columns for publications such as "Game Lab" and "Weekly Famitsu." I began my career in game development as a community manager and associate producer at Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. and Q-Games. I was also involved in the establishment of BitSummit. After founding the consulting company BlackSheep to support indie games in the APAC region, I joined Shueisha Games.
Please tell us about your job at Shueisha Games.
I primarily handle the planning, execution, and PR for overseas events. This includes asset creation and market research related to those events. Unlike Japan, overseas markets have diverse targets and demographics, requiring us to choose from a wider range of approaches. Influencer outreach and collaborations also differ slightly from the Japanese market. Therefore, we engage in influencer communications while constantly considering the most appropriate strategies. Furthermore, leveraging my past experiences, I also work towards connecting Shueisha Games with developers and publishers primarily focused on the international market.
What kind of company is Shueisha Games?
I initially worked as a contractor, and during that time, I observed the company's high potential, the team's enthusiasm, and an abundance of great ideas for the future. Witnessing these factors in tandem, I made the decision to join, and I truly believe it is an excellent company. I surprised my acquaintances and friends by becoming a full-time employee, but they also commented, ""It's definitely the right choice if it's Shueisha Games!"" (laughs) Furthermore, based on my experience since joining, I appreciate the significant autonomy and high degree of freedom offered here. It distinguishes us from more traditional companies and fosters an environment that values diversity, transcending nationality and gender.
What kind of members would you like to work together with?
It would be highly appreciated if individuals possess an open-minded and flexible mindset. Ideally, having a certain level of marketing and game knowledge across various job roles would be desirable. Furthermore, we are fostering a diverse team comprising members from different nationalities and genders, and the scope of our work continues to expand daily. Therefore, it would be great if everyone could embrace and enjoy all the new challenges and opportunities that come our way.
Do you have any future goals or accomplishments you would like to achieve?
Our goal is to make Shueisha Games the world's top game publisher. We aim to discover excellent games and talented creators, forming partnerships that result in the creation of highly successful products. It is our desire to establish Shueisha Games as a company that stands shoulder to shoulder with global publishers. We strive to be recognized worldwide, where the name ""Shueisha Games"" is synonymous with Japanese publishers, and we work hard every day to achieve this.
Can you please give us one final comment?
While it is undoubtedly a challenging environment, I genuinely believe that it is an excellent company to work for. Professionals with diverse backgrounds engage in new challenges every day. With numerous opportunities available, I would be delighted to receive your support in creating major successes together!

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