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Guidelines for Exploitation of Works

Last updated:24/05/2024

Users may post or distribute videos (including live streamed videos) and images that capture the works of the games (including board games), produced or sold by SHUEISHA GAMES INC. (the “Company”), on content sharing platforms such as websites, blogs, various social media platforms, YouTube, Twitch, and Nico Nico Douga (hereinafter simply referred to as “Post(s)”), subject to these Guidelines for Exploitation of Works (these “Guidelines”).
Notwithstanding the content of these Guidelines, Posts are permitted when users use the standard sharing function provided within a game console or platform.
In addition, the Company may change all or part of these Guidelines for each work. Any such changes will be available at the end of these Guidelines, so please check there.

■Users subject to these Guidelines

These Guidelines are intended for individual users and not for companies or other organizations.
Individual users belonging to companies or other organizations and individual users who are entrusted by organizations to carry out a Post as part of their work are treated as individual users. Provided, however, that if such users wish to carry out a Post, please contact us in advance through the inquiry form below.


■Permitted Posts

・Posts that uses the works of the games officially released or trial/demo versions of the games officially provided by the Company are permitted under these Guidelines.
・As for digital games, only Posts of videos, images, etc. of the gameplay by users, recorded by screen-capture, screenshot, or other means, along with live commentary, reviews, etc. are permitted. Posts of videos, images, etc. created by modifying game programs or other game content (including the use of mods) are prohibited.
・As for board games, only Posts of videos, images, etc. that introduces the content and rules of the product, or shows the gameplay according to the rules of each game along with commentary, reviews, etc. are permitted. The use/exploitation of images of outer boxes of the product, components of the product such as cards, pieces, etc. included in the product scanned by scanners or smartphones is prohibited, including when displayed on videos.
・Posts of content that includes characters, illustrations, music, music data, etc. from third-party works collaborated by the Company with the Company's games are not permitted under these Guidelines.
・If the content of Posts involves intellectual property rights of a third party other than the Company, it is necessary to separately obtain a license from such respective third party. The Company is unable to answer any inquiries with respect to whom such rights belong to.

■Site of Permitted Posts

・Non-profit websites and blogs managed by individuals
・YouTube, Twitch, Nico Nico Douga, and other content sharing platforms, and various social media platforms
・Review websites, etc.
・When carrying out a Post, please separately comply with the terms of use and the guidelines of each content sharing platform and social media platform.

■Posts for Commercial or Profit-Making Purposes

・As a general rule, Posts for commercial or profit-making purposes are prohibited.
・However, monetization using partnership functions that are officially provided by content sharing platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Nico Nico Douga, etc. is permitted.

■Notation in Posts

・When carrying out a Post, please include the following information in the video description or other convenient locations for viewers to verify. For details, please refer to the official website of each game.
(1) Title
(2) Official website URL
(3) Developer and Publisher
(4) Copyright notice
・This does not apply in cases where it is difficult to include the information in a single post due to the function of the platform/service on which it is posted, such as X (former Twitter).


・When carrying out a Post of content that touches upon the core of important scenes, events, or stories, please indicate a “spoiler alert” or similar notation in the title, description, or other prominent location of the video. Moreover, even in other cases, please be aware of spoilers.
・Separate guidelines may be established for the scope of Posts for certain games. For more information, please refer to the list at the end of these Guidelines.


・Any Post of content that is against laws and regulations and public policy
・Any Post of content that contains expressions that may harm or be offensive to any third parties, such as discriminatory expressions, defamation or slander, invasion of privacy, or incitement or encouragement of criminal acts
・Any Post for the purpose of political activities, political claims, religious activities, and sales promotion or advertisement of products, etc. other than those of the Company
・Any Post of content that discloses non-public data in the game, or engages in cheating or modifying save data, or other fraudulent activities
・Any Post of content that disparages the brand value of the Company, the Company’s games, or third parties
・Any Post of content that may mislead viewers into believing that the Company agrees with or approves the content thereof
・Any Post of content that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties
・Any Post of content that obstructs the appropriate provision and operation of the Company’s games
・Any Post of content that alters or adapts the characters or story of the Company’s games
・Any Post of content that focuses solely on in-game movies or event stills
・Any Post of content that focuses solely on game audio, such as voices, background music, or sound effects
・Any Post of content that, in the Company’s judgment, is likely to fall under any of the aforementioned prohibited activities

■Other Considerations

・These Guidelines do not constitute the Company’s endorsement or approval of the content of any Post carried out by users in accordance with these Guidelines.
・These Guidelines only set forth conditions for the exploitation of works of the Company’s games, and the Company assumes no responsibility for any problems that users may have with third parties as a result of a Post carried out in accordance with these Guidelines.
・The Company may request that users delete, refrain from or restrict Posts of content that the Company deems to violate these Guidelines.
・If users fail to comply with the above requests from the Company, or cause any damage to the Company, the Company may prohibit the users from carrying out a Post or demand compensation for such damage.
・These Guidelines may be changed or suspended for any reason at the Company’s discretion. In the event that any Post carried out prior to the change violates these Guidelines due to the change thereof, the Company may request that users delete such Post in accordance with the changed Guidelines.

■ Guidelines and Supplementary Information by Title:

Title PlatformRelease DateRegulations regarding the scope of public disclosure
ONI : Road to be the Mightiest OniSteam® / Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®52023.03.09
  • Until 23:59 on March 23rd, the posting range will be limited to Stage 36.
  • From March 24th at midnight, all scenes after Stage 36 can be submitted.


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