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Tomoya Tanaka

Manager, Global PR Team Marketing Dept. Business Promotion Division
I worked at BANDAI CO., LTD. for approximately 11 years, where I handled licensing operations and overseas sales and marketing of plastic models and figure products. In 2023, I joined Shueisha Games as a promotion specialist for the Asian region.
Please tell us about your job at Shueisha Games.
I am leading the marketing efforts for the Asian market from inception. Specifically, this involves collaborating with overseas PR agencies to plan and execute promotional strategies, conducting research on competitors and specific regions, and determining the appropriate marketing approaches for each title. Although our focus is on the Asian market, we consider the broader distribution across regions such as Europe and China, requiring us to allocate resources accordingly. In addition to my primary responsibility for Asian marketing, as mentioned earlier, I have also taken the initiative to launch a new business, which has been developed in parallel since joining the company.
What kind of company is Shueisha Games?
One thing I noticed upon joining the company is that everyone truly enjoys their work. There is no sense of being forced to work; instead, each individual takes proactive steps, and it is the collective effort that drives the company forward. In my previous position, the focus was on promoting existing products, and the organization was large to accommodate the scale of those products. The main task was to amplify the existing waves and make them even bigger. However, at Shueisha Games, it's all about creating something from scratch. While there are challenges in the creative process, the excitement and fulfillment that come with it are even greater.
What kind of members would you like to work together with?
As mentioned earlier, it becomes necessary to take ownership from start to finish and proactively generate work from scratch. Therefore, I am eager to collaborate with individuals who have a strong sense of responsibility and can see tasks through to completion. Furthermore, since our scope of work spans across various areas, there are many opportunities to complement each other's strengths. Therefore, I believe it would be beneficial to work with individuals who approach different tasks with a positive mindset, taking personal ownership and embracing diverse challenges. Being a company in a continuous growth process, there is still much to be accomplished. However, on the flip side, it means there are plenty of things that can be done. If you are someone who wishes to carve out your own path, I believe this opportunity is a perfect fit. So, I sincerely invite you to join our team!
Do you have any future goals or accomplishments you would like to achieve?
I aspire to establish Shueisha Games as a prominent presence in Asia and the Western markets, rivaling the recognition of Shueisha itself. To achieve this, the first step is to increase awareness among game users and expand our fan base. It would be fantastic to reach a point where, when mentioning Shueisha Games or our game titles to people overseas, they respond with ""Yes, I know them!"" We aim to become a company with a high level of brand recognition. Furthermore, while this is a personal goal, I also aspire to venture into management in the future. I aim to build a team that can handle any aspect of Asian marketing and be relied upon by the development team, creating an environment where I can contribute and support their needs.
Can you please give us one final comment?
I apologize if I sound repetitive, but Shueisha Games is still a company in the early stages of development, which means it offers opportunities to challenge oneself beyond the scope of one's role. I believe it would be great to see more individuals who are eager to expand their roles by an additional 20-30% based on their professional expertise. If you are someone who is keen to take on new challenges or experiencing a sense of stagnation in your current environment, I would be delighted if you consider our company as an option!

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