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Masami Yamamoto

Executive officer Game Development Dept. Director / Producer
I have been involved in game production for 25 years within the Sony Group. I have organized two creator auditions, "Let's Play Games!" in 2006 and PlayStation C.A.M.P! I have been involved in numerous hit titles such as the "What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?" series, "TOKYO JUNGLE," and as the External Development Director for "Bloodborne." Seeking the potential hidden in the unknown, I am currently challenging myself to discover untapped talent and develop new content.
Please tell us about your job at Shueisha Games.
I oversee the Production team, which consists of various Producers working together with different creators and development companies to advance game development. Within the Production team, I believe that the healthiest situation is when each individual is fulfilled by working on projects they genuinely desire. Even within the realm of work that one truly wants to pursue, there may be tasks or challenges that are less desirable or difficult. However, these are inevitable in the process of creating a good product. Therefore, I always encourage everyone to speak up about anything and everything related to their desired tasks and work, even those aspects they find challenging. It is important to find tasks and work that can be enjoyed to a degree where any challenge becomes manageable.
What kind of company is Shueisha Games?
The game industry has a long history, and in recent years, there has been an increase in investment and the emergence of major productions. However, a significant problem is that young individuals are not given enough opportunities. For those who aspire to achieve success, the crucial factor is the number of experiences they accumulate by being given the chance to step up to the plate. This approach aligns with the strengths and culture of Shueisha's group companies. I have heard that in the Shonen Jump editorial department, it is common for rookie editors to be assigned to veteran manga artists. While it can be challenging, this environment undoubtedly provides an opportunity for growth through the experience of stepping up to the plate. At Shueisha Games, we also aim to create an environment that embraces various ""challenges of stepping up to the plate,"" following a similar approach.
What kind of members would you like to work together with?
I would love to work with individuals who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. In game development, the success of a game can be influenced by factors such as luck and timing. However, with a strong determination, I believe that regardless of the circumstances, one can continue to water the seeds they have sown until the very end. And when those seeds bloom, they become fireworks that captivate people's hearts. Working with individuals who possess such strong determination allows for passionate work. While the industry tends to emphasize achievements and experience, it is natural to start without them. Even in such circumstances, I welcome those who have an unwavering desire to realize something they strongly believe in.
Do you have any future goals or accomplishments you would like to achieve?
Game development often involves lengthy periods, which can sometimes dampen the initial spark or even extinguish it. However, those who continue to strive without ever letting the flame die out will ultimately succeed. Therefore, it is essential for both myself and the members of the Production team to never forget this. We aim to create a team that consistently produces unique games, ranging from big projects to smaller ones, and from there, we aspire to hit numerous home runs.
Can you please give us one final comment?
I believe that games, unlike other forms of content, lack randomness or fortuitousness. They are a reflection of the intent and effort invested. While it is a demanding industry, I also believe that it offers the joy of creating everything from scratch. As I intend to provide an environment where opportunities are given whenever possible, I sincerely encourage anyone who has even the slightest interest to knock on our door!

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