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We are witnessing a new era of innovation.
Advancements in technology are breaking down barriers of distance, language, and size.
Anyone, from anywhere, can now come up with groundbreaking ideas.
Let us help you seize this opportunity and keep the momentum going.
All that is required is a brilliant idea and potential.
We will be there to support you by providing funding, guidance, and a nurturing environment to bring your idea to the world.
You have the power to create the masterpiece of the future.

Pitch Your Game!!

About AMU

Shueisha Games has expanded its existing game publishing support and launched a new project, AMU. We want to invest in the creativity of developers and send your titles out into the world! This project is open to game developers from all over the world and not just Japan. As long as you meet the application requirements, anyone from any country can apply.

Application requirements

Build / GDD / Pitch Deck Submission
How to apply
From the official website application form
Eligible Areas for Application
Applicants from all over the world can apply

Support includes

Development support
Funding of development costs according to desired conditions / Lending of development equipment and software
Promotion support
Marketing activities from the announcement to release
Collaboration with domestic and international media, public relations coordination, media placement, influencer outreach, community engagement, participation in domestic and international gaming events, and more.

Promotional activities unique to the Shueisha Group
Article placements in Shueisha publications (such as Weekly Shonen Jump, V Jump), collaboration with Shueisha authors, creation of PR manga, and more.
Publishing support
QA, localization, user testing, Early Access support, publishing, production of physical editions, platform compatibility, LQA, and more.
Example Title

Application Terms and Conditions

  1. Applications are open to individuals and corporations (including unincorporated organizations). Individuals who have not reached the "age of majority" under the laws of their home country at the time of application must meet the requirements for valid legal action under the laws of the applicant's home country, including parental consent.
  2. Application data (Game Build, Pitch deck, etc) must be submitted in Japanese or English.
  3. Entries using any copyrights, IPs, or characters of Shueisha or third parties will not be accepted.However, if you have already received permission from Shueisha Games about your pitch, your entry will be accepted.
  4. The information provided in the application process will be used only for the purpose of reviewing applications and will not be disclosed to outside individuals besides members of this project.
    However, even in such a case, there is a possibility that the submitted title may coincidentally match or be similar to a game title developed and marketed to by us in the future or similar features implemented in a game title. The entrant understands this and agrees not to make any claim that any future game work(s) developed or sold by the Company will be identical or similar to submitted work.
  5. Applications shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Application Form

*When submitting your application, please also submit a playable build.
*Please be sure to set your e-mail inbox settings to be able to receive messages from "".If your device has anti-spam settings, etc., you may not be able to receive our reply e-mail.
What are you looking for in publisher support. (Funding, Marketing etc.)
I agree to the Terms of Application and Privacy Policy

*Please note that we may not be able to respond to your inquiry if any of the required application information is omitted or incorrect. We ask for your understanding in advance with this.
Thank you for submitting!

We have received your submission and will review the information provided. Our team will contact you at the email address you provided after reviewing the details.

Please stay tuned and await further communication.
We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you for your continued support of Shueisha Games!
*Please note that we may not be able to respond to your inquiry if any of the required application information is omitted or incorrect. We ask for your understanding in advance with this.


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