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Shueisha Games proudly unveils two thrilling titles: ‘ANTHEM#9’ and ‘Schrödinger’s Call’! Steam pages for both now open!

Shueisha Games Inc. (Headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Shueisha Games) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Steam pages for "ANTHEM#9" and "Schrodinger's Call" today, November 15th. The Steam page for "ANTHEM#9" dazzles with its vibrant coloring scheme, drawing inspiration from the game's dynamic battle system and arrow motifs. On the other hand, the Steam page for "Schrodinger's Call" immerses you in a gothic atmosphere, featuring protagonist Mary and a mysterious ringing black telephone, suggesting an intriguing, possibly ominous caller.

■ "ANTHEM#9" Steam Page:

■ "Schrodinger's Call" Steam Page:

■ Shueisha Games Official Website:


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