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Shueisha Games Announces “PROJECT SURVIVAL (Tentative)” and “AMU” at “BitSummit Let’s Go!!

Shueisha Games Inc. (Headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as Shueisha Games) is thrilled to announce the unveiling of its brand new title "PROJECT SURVIVAL (tentative)" and the exciting new project "AMU" at the "BitSummit Let's Go!!" event, starting from July 14th (Friday). "PROJECT SURVIVAL (tentative)" is a Survival Craft RPG where players craft various items from food and materials to weapons and armor, all sourced locally while establishing and maintaining their own base of operations. Meanwhile, "AMU" represents an extension of Shueisha Games' ongoing support for game publishing. This project invests in the creativity of developers worldwide. Notably, "PROJECT SURVIVAL (tentative)" is the inaugural title supported under this new project "AMU." In conjunction with these announcements, we've also revamped the Shueisha Games official website.

■ Announcements of "PROJECT SURVIVAL" and "AMU":
Date and Time: July 14th, 2023, Friday at 9 AM

■ Shueisha Games Official Website URL:

■ Shueisha Games Booth at "BitSummit Let's Go!!":
Location: Exhibition Hall 2, Booth GD-02!


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